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  • Welcome to Amaravathi MMACS Ltd-A Quasi banking MACS on fast growing path.

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Co-Operative Society Details

Our Logo displays 6 Humans framing as a circle and in that circle Indian Rupee Symbol is placed. 6 Humans refers all walks of the People. With the Co-Operative Principles, the money of Members of The Amaravathi MMACS Ltd, (Quasi Banking MACS) is utilized among the members only for the upliftment of the Members.

The Green Hands protecting the Humans and Rupee refers to the rich Experience of the Promoters in Banking Industry that depicts the Transperancy, Integrity, Trust that really define your Banking Experience with Amaravathi MMACS Ltd.

Disclaimer about Rupee Symbol:

The sign: ₹ is property of Indian Government. When ₹ Symbol is used in Chakra a disclaimer has to be mentioned:
The Amaravathi Multi-Purpose Mutually Aided Co-Operative Society Limited (AMMACS) hereby acknowledges that India Rupee symbol, as imbedded in our artistic logo, was conceptualized and designed by Mr. Udaya Kumar and adopted by Government of India on 15th July, 2010 as National Symbol of India. AMMACS/subsidiary companies, promoters, directors, employees or other partners / associates do not claim any proprietary rights or copyrights in or over symbol per se.